Web Project Install Wrecks

Working in custom software on web applications for a few years now and one thing which is a continual issue is project installs. Its interesting when your developing non-packaged software, the actual install process is an after thought. Projects have sprawling parts spread across the file system, install step on a application server or web server, and some set of database tables/procedures which many custom shops decide to try to enumerate out into implementation steps. This puts great pressure on the team producing the install documentation to not forget anything and someone to faithfully reproduce the steps, which means that even with a test run it can still be error prone. I think there is a thought that because the software doesn’t ship its not worth while to create automated install code to allow someone to simply install the app and the application take care of additional steps. For simple applications it certainly maybe overkill but if your moving into multiple environments for a single release which many larger projects are going to have to do, its worth the investment.


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One Response to “Web Project Install Wrecks”

  1. Mike Kelley Says:

    Good thoughts, Chris. I have often been the guy tasked with getting deploys done. Nowadays, I am able to use Capistrano for our deploys to most customer sites and that has really improved the quality and repeatability of the deploy.

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