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Windows PHP Dev Made Easier

June 18, 2011

I have recently developed a semi strict policy of avoiding spending significant time messing around with serious server software installations on windows. Just because of the lack of windows machines in my life. Yesterday I needed to setup for the first time in a long time apache/mysql/php on a windows machine and I found a decent productivity boost for those of us who are still wired to operate in linux land called WAMP. If your not familiar with administering apache and mysql it could possibly be a HUGE productivity boost for you.

WAMP packages together Apache HTTPD, Mysql, and PHP with a convenient management interface for starting, stoping the services and getting to configuration files.

Get it at ->

Should just take literally seconds to get everything up and running. Of course if you have version requirements on any of those packages then you maybe out of luck and downloading, installing, and configuring everything independently, which may or may not be  huge deal for you.


Tech Resume Ideas

June 17, 2011

I just recently finished a job search and while it was fresh I figured I would throw out some resume ideas/opinions I have generated after talking with other people about resumes and seeing what worked. These aren’t specifics on format or a style guide at all, they are thoughts on how to determine what content to put on your resume. I have done a lot of interviews and the 10 page resume does no one any good, I try and keep my resume to 1 page with a second page that described the companies at the time of employment for people not familiar with them.

Resume Ideas…

  • Don’t fill it with crap you don’t care about or hate, in the end you want to be identified for the stuff you liked to do and work with. Of course there is some boiler plate stuff you need on it but keep it to the point.
  • Start writing your resume with simple bullets of what you think and your peers state your strengths are in all aspects of your life from personality, experience, and skills. Once you have those bullets make sure every part of your resume brings out those.
  • Be concise. If you can’t skim the resume in a minute or so and get an idea of what technology you have worked on and what roles you have played on projects, you have too much content.
  • Have your spouse (or someone else who has no idea what you really do) review your resume. Despite the technical jargon, they should be able to “get it” and “get you”. The reason for this is sometimes its the HR folks screening resumes, not technical junkies, to have a chance they need to be able to understand you. Also they generally will catch grammar or flow issues easier (and never let you forget it 😛 ).
  • Putting something like ‘SOAP/JNDI/TCL/BASH/XML/XSL/XSLT/CORBA/XSD/ICMP/TCP/UDP/ATM/PCI’ on your resume may get you to pop up in some automated system but any person can see through it in two seconds interviewing you. If they can’t see through it, I wouldn’t want to work for them. Only put experience and technology on your resume you are willing to talk to in a interview and if there is too much cut it down the most relevant technologies to the position and/or you.
  • Stand out on your resume but make sure your being true to your personality and profile. If there is something unique your involved in or interested in put find a way to get it on there. However don’t exaggerate or put statements which don’t match your personality.